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The Brookview House

We partnered with the Brookview House to teach a group of young boys to code (there was a girls group already).

In addition to online classes, we’ve been teaching Intro to Scratch and Intro to Python in person since the Spring. We have over 17 students and have donated chromebooks to our students to promote their education further.

Recognized as a top 10 coding resource for kids

CodeWizardsHQ recognized Kiddo Byte as the 4th best coding resource for children.

 – June 2021

Kenya Online (Intro to Scratch)

We have been teaching Scratch to a group of children from Nairobi, Kenya for the past year.

We’ve been teaching Scratch through Zoom to over 8 boys and girls. We are currently looking into going to Kenya to meet our students and teach in person at a local school.

Kenya Online (Intro to Scratch)


The Brookview House

Transitional family housing shelter


Transitional and emergency family housing

Phoenix House

Treatment facility for families suffering from drug addiction


MIT Office of Government and Community Relations

MIT OGCR is a proud partner of Kiddo Byte

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a proud partner of Kiddo Byte

The Akamai Foundation

Received the 2021 STEM Education grant


The Hack Foundation

Hack Club is the fiscal sponsor of Kiddo Byte

Whole Foods

Awarded as part of the Community Giving Program

Diller Teen Fellows

Awarded the Tikkun Olam grant

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