Our Mission

Our mission is to give all kids access to computer science, regardless of their ability to pay.

We want to spread the magic of coding, through fun and interactive classes and interesting material.

Why Computer Science?

Computers are the future, but it seems many kids are not being prepared for that.

Coding is fun and useful. Exposing kids to computer science early on is a great way to foster their interest and creativity.

Our Approach

Our students look forward to our classes.

We foster learning by prioritizing creativity, fun, and hands-on experiences while introducing challenges and projects.

Recent Work

We have been teaching Scratch in Nairobi, Kenya for over two years, both online and in person.

Free coding courses available to Ukrainian refugees, orphanages, and those affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

We partnered with the Brookview House to teach Scratch, Python, and various technical workshops for two years. We also donated chromebooks to our students.

Our Team

Hi I’m Robbie! I created Kiddo Byte to share my love for coding with kids around the globe.

All of our volunteers are exceptional teens motivated to make computer science accessible to all children, regardless of their ability to pay.

Together we will give all children free access to computer science.

Find your role at Kiddo Byte today:

Featured Partners

MIT Office of Government and Community Relations

MIT OGCR is a proud partner of Kiddo Byte

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a proud partner of Kiddo Byte

The Akamai Foundation

Received the 2021 STEM Education grant


“Kiddo Byte made me realize how much I love programming”

– Zach (student)

“Great teachers: they were dedicated and engaging”

– Nick (parent)

“I learned a lot but in a fun way”

– Liora (student)

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Kiddo Byte for everyone!”

– Lucy (parent)


Recognized as a top 10 coding resource for kids

CodeWizardsHQ recognized Kiddo Byte as the 4th best coding resource for children.

 – June 2021

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