Kiddo Byte Ukraine

Who We Are and What We Do

I am Gregory (Gosha) Lubashev. Kiddo Byte Ukraine is dedicated to providing computer science education and opportunities to children displaced by the war in Ukraine.

We teach programming to children at multiple transitional housing facilities and orphanages.

We provide laptops and other educational equipment for these facilities as needed.

We hope to equip children whose lives have been disrupted by the conflict with useful skills, while also offering them joyful and engaging activities.

You can reach out to me at

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“I have parents who are both from Ukraine,” said Lubashev, an Arlington High School junior, “And they still have so many friends and schoolmates who are still back there.”

Kiddo Byte is focusing on Ukrainians who are not exactly still back there, but are displaced. Specifically, the group is working with orphanages in Poland to teach coding to refugee kids.

“These coding classes allow them to be creative in a time where they really don’t have many outlets for their creativity.”

Our Lessons

We are teaching classes at two orphanages, originally located near Odessa, Ukraine, which have relocated to Poland. They just have two tablets and a weak Wi-Fi. We are planning to get them some Chromebooks and a better network.

In September, we are launching classes for children in a transitional housing facility evacuated to Lviv.


Our Partners

Kiddo Byte has partnered with numerous organizations, including MIT OGCR, Lincoln Labs, and the Akamai Foundation, who are supporting its general operations.

We are currently looking for an organization to support our Ukraine program specifically.

How You Can Help

Critical to our efforts are volunteer instructors. There are far more children at these orphanages and for more interested refugees than we can reach with the resources and people we have today. If you are interested in teaching and can speak Ukrainian or Russian, please contact me at!

If you are interested in donating, please visit

If you have any questions or are an organization interested in working with us, please contact me at

Thank you very much for your support! It really makes a difference.