Kiddo Byte Ukraine

Who Are We?

Hello! I am Gregory (Gosha) Lubashev. I lead Kiddo Byte Ukraine, a division of Kiddo Byte dedicated to providing computer science education and opportunities to children displaced by the war in Ukraine. We provide programming classes to children at multiple transitional housing facilities and orphanages as well as to individuals. We also provide laptops to these facilities as needed. We hope to equip children whose lives have been disrupted by the conflict with useful skills, while also providing them with joyful and engaging activities. You can reach out to me at

Why Ukrainian Children and Refugees?

Both of my parents grew up in Ukraine, and we have many friends who are in Ukraine experiencing the devastation of the war first-hand. It is extremely difficult for people to flee from Ukraine. Becoming a refugee means leaving your house, your neighbors, your friends, and sometimes your family to go to another country whose language you may not know, with no clear plan or path ahead. This is even more difficult for children and orphans, as their daily lives are entirely disrupted. They are not in school; they have been separated from their friends and often their family; their situation is always uncertain with very little stability. Many refugees have no place to come back to: their houses and, sometimes, their entire cities are completely destroyed or occupied. These circumstances create an environment of depression, fear, and uncertainty. At Kiddo Byte Ukraine, we are doing everything we can to help these children.

With Whom Are We Working and How to Join / Help Out?

We are teaching classes at two orphanages, originally located near Odessa, Ukraine, which have relocated to Poland. We are also teaching individual students and hold group classes for children in Ukraine. We have partnered with numerous organizations, including MIT OGCR, Lincoln Labs, and the Akamai Foundation.

Critical to our efforts are volunteer teachers and contributors. There are far more children at these orphanages and for more interested refugees than we can reach with the resources and people we have today. If you are interested in teaching and know how to code — especially if you speak Russian or Ukrainian, please consider volunteering. We are always looking for teachers!

If you are interested in donating, please visit If you have any questions or are an organization interested in working with us, please contact me at

Thank you very much for your support! It really makes a difference.