Our Mission

Computer Science is one of the most in demand and highest-paying occupations. Computers are the future, but it seems many kids are not being prepared for that.

We offer free courses in order to provide a resource for families regardless of their ability to pay. Our goal is to give all kids an opportunity to learn computer science and have fun! We want to inspire kids to pursue computer science on their own, and foster their interest creatively.

All of our classes are taught by teens experienced in teaching and computer science, who understand how boring online classes can become. We want to make our class something to look forward to. As part of that initiative, we prioritize creativity and hands-on experiences by introducing challenges and projects. We give our students creative freedom so they may express their interests through each project or challenge.

Coding is a super creative, fun, and useful tool in and of itself, and exposing kids to computer programming early-on is a great way to foster their interest and creativity.

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