Intro to Scratch Classwork Syllabus

Lesson 1: Gaining Context​

The goal of this lesson is to introduce the kids to Scratch and provide some context. After playing some finished games to gain insight, we will dive a bit deeper by looking at a finished game and changing the sprites and code to demonstrate beginner concepts.

Lesson 2: Analyze Premade Games

The goal of this lesson is to become introduced to programming on Scratch and the process of making a game. We will start a simple game in order to demonstrate the process, Scratch’s capabilities, and the use of block-functions. As we build the game, I will be sure to include each section of block-functions in order to portray their general purpose.

Lesson 3: Make A Game (Part 1)

The goal of this lesson is to reinforce what we learned last week and keep building a better understanding of Scratch through interactive activities. We will do a hands-on activity in order to form a correlation between the block and its result in the game.

Lesson 4: Make A Game (Part 2)

The goal of this lesson is to build a deeper understanding of the programming language through simple coding. We will continue our game from the previous lesson, focusing on the different sections of code-blocks and their uses.

Lesson 5: Wrap Up

The goal of this lesson is to give students the tools and information to begin coding on their own. After sharing what student’s made for homework, we will finish the game we coded as a class in the previous two classes. We will include how to share and remix games.

Homework Syllabus